Memory aids

Here you will find products available that have been found to be helpfull as memory aids for people with dementia.

Many Happy Returns - Flash cards

The activity everyone can do from memory

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Many Happy Returns 1940s is a set of large picture cards of familiar images from the period to share and enjoy with anyone who can remember the decade, complete with the stories behind them and useful conversational prompts.

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Memory Boxes

Memory boxes are another great way for people suffering with dementia to bring back memories from the past.  These boxes contain items from a bygone era that the individuals can hold and recall using.

Watch this clip from the BBC and then ask yourself - how can I help?

Dementia Life

Communication support and interactive games for people with dementia, based on 10 years of research - helping you to provide person-centred care at a finger's touch.  The web site.

A colabrative project between the universities of Dundee and St. Andrews.  See also this BBC news item.

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NHS Dental Fines Scandal

An NHS automated system has been incorrectly fining people with dementia.  Read the full article here on the BBC News website.

Barnstaple Link Rotary Club

The club is launching a new project to help people with dementia which will complement the activities of Barnstaple's Memory Café.  Read more...

MHA launch Joyce's Music Video

MHA have launched Joyce's music video on YouTube showing the power of music therapy in helping people with dementia.

Dementia Friendly Communities

Various bodies, both government and others are promoting the setting up of dementia friendly communities.  To see what's involved and how you can be part of it, go to our dementia friendly communities page.  You can also read this PDF document (1.5MB)

Service Above Self

It is with much pleasure that we announce that the Chair of REPoD, Dr. Geri Parlby, has been awarded the 'Rotary International Service above Self Award' for her outstanding contributions to the REPoD effort over the 6 years since its inception.  We feel that all who know her will feel that this award was well deserved.

Hands across the water

The REPoD message is spreading and not just within the UK.  Read this email extract from a couple in Washington DC.

Dementia Adventure

Looking for a break / holiday for someone you care for or yourself - then take a look at this web site.

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