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Cowbridgr RC - Dementia Friendly

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Cowbridge businesses have begun to sign up as Dementia Friends, working to become dementia friendly.  Last Friday a number of businesses were presented with door mats which broadcast their support.

The Cowbridge Dementia Friendly Community Committee is asking individuals and businesses in Cowbridge to be even more considerate of those living with Dementia and their carers.  The Committee is running a number of Dementia awareness sessions produced by The Alzheimer's Society in order to become a Dementia Friend.

Cowbridge Rotary Club is actively supporting the initiative.  One of its members, Colin Jones has secured the production of brightly coloured mats from Millennium Mats to both record businesses' support and to demonstrate welcome to those living with Dementia.

David Harris, President of Cowbridge Rotary Club and Steven Blackman Chairman of Cowbridge Dementia Friendly Community presented mats to Amanda Jones Jewellers, Arthur John Hardware, The Bear Hotel, Costa Coffee, Cowbridge Cycles, HSBC, Cowbridge Library, United Free Church, Fulgo Developments and Cowbridge Town Council.

Barnstaple Link Rotary Club

blrc-Oct2017 (29K)

The club is launching a new project to help people with dementia which will complement the activities of Barnstaple's Memory Café.

John Silver from the club said, "For the first seesion we are relying upon, memorabilia, games, seated exercises, humorous poetry readings and of course much chat in our first session.  Music and the showing of clips will be concentrated on thereafter but confined to something in the order of 20 to 30 minutes per session, as it is our view that a variety of activities is called for. Concentration levels to some extent drive the length of activities and we shall only know that which is appropriate with practice and of courser feedback from the client base ".

For location and contact information, click here to view an enlarged version of the flyer which opens in a new window.

North Norfolk Rotary Club - Admiral Nurses Project

In a mater of a few weeks, North Norfolk Rotary has raised over £9000 for the "Admiral Nurser Project".  Read the story here.

Swanage & Purbeck Rotary - Dementia Awareness in the Community

Email extract - April 22, 2017

Living within a town with a higher than average demographic of over 50 year olds, in 2015 a number residents in the community decided to highlight the need for the town to develop a better attitude towards those with dementia and their carers.

Led by Jean Gibbs a retired head teacher and Mo Andrews a Rotarian along with representatives from various organisations in the area, the Swanage Area Dementia Friendly Community (SADFC) was formed.  Mo was elected Treasurer and along with Chairman Jean became the main spearhead of the new formation.  Dorset POPP provided seed funding for the group to cover printing, room hire for meetings and publicity resources.  PDG Hubert Pierce was invited to represent Rotary.  Hubert had the practical experience of nursing his wife (Renee) through 9 years of Alzheimers.

After becoming an Alzheimer Society Dementia Friendly Champion, Mo held several Awareness sessions creating Dementia Friends within businesses, groups and clubs including Rotary.  Jean Gibbs also formed a successful dementia friendly singing group called 'Singing for Pleasure' which is held twice monthly including those with dementia and their carers as well as those without dementia in the community.  Carers can either join in or meet separately in the café to have a break with other carers.

After learning about the charity DementiaUK, it was soon identified that the presence of a specialist dementia Admiral Nurse would be advantageous to the Purbeck area.  At the present time, Dorset does not have any Admiral nurses working within the community.  The ones within Dorset are connected and employed in care homes and are not available to those not in homes.

Jean and Mo, gathered the appropriate information for establishing an Admiral Nurse, and it was soon accepted by the committee in May 2016 that it should set a target of £50,000 to start the campaign.  Since then, through many presentations to different organisations including Rotary, Swanage Town Council, Purbeck Golf Club and attendance at local fetes, markets and fairs, including garden parties at Purbeck House Hotel and Charborough Park local musical events, collections from pubs, clubs and legacies, a period of four weeks in the summer selling bric-a-brac at an empty shop in the town, the target figure was achieved in April 2017.

Also, during this period, SADFC formed a partnership with the Wareham District Dementia Community (WDDC) and set up an umbrella group called Purbeck Admiral Nurse to amalgamate funds. Both groups then joined Swanage & Purbeck Development Trust to facilitate charity status including public liability insurance for the members.

DementiaUK and Dorset Healthcare have now pledged support by matching funding with the aim of recruiting a community Admiral Nurse by this summer.  DementiaUK will train a Grade 7 nurse and Dorset Healthcare will be the employers for a 3-year period.

The fundraising is not over yet as Jean & Mo and the committee are determined to raise more funds for a second nurse in the Purbeck area

Dementia related activities in and around Peterborough

Email extract - March 15, 2017

I run Crocus cafe (Peterborough's Rotary Memory Cafe).  In D1070 several other cafes have modelled themselves on ours but may not have registered with REPoD.

There are certainly active Rotary Memory Cafes in St Neots, Huntingdon and Oadby.

In addition to running our cafe I helped Peterborough City Council to set up Peterborough Dementia Action Alliance.  Rotary was a founder member of the alliance and I am currently Vice Chairman. I have attached our flier so you have an idea of this aspect of dementia friendly communities in which Rotary can become involved.  I have become a Dementia Champion and give awareness sessions to any organisation including Rotary clubs.  I regularly visit organisations to explain what our alliance is about and invite them to join.  We are working towards making Peterborough a Dementia Friendly City.  Members of four local Rotary clubs assist at Crocus Cafe and several others provide funding.

I am about to assist a research team that has been funded by the Department of Health to undertake an evaluation of Dementia Friendly Communities (DFCs) from 01/2017-06/2019.  The study is being carried out by researchers from the Universities of Hertfordshire, Cambridge and East Anglia.  It is being led by Prof Claire Goodman at the University of Hertfordshire. Peterborough & Sheffield have been selected.

Rotary can certainly make a huge difference in helping those living with dementia.

Kind regards

Janet Cooke

Dementia Friendly Wales

Email extract - March 10, 2017

We are moving forward in South Wales with DFCs.  So far I have given a presentation about DFCs to 37 out of the 65 Rotary Clubs in the District and at least half of them are now dementia friendly with the others just waiting to be fitted in for a Dementia Friends session.

Several Clubs have volunteer Rotarians sitting on action groups in various areas.  I have at least two dementia cafes set up, one of which opened today with the President of Narberth & Whitland setting up a partnership with the local museum to start a living memory group.  This has been posted on Facebook today. Several Clubs have raised money in support of DFC in their area.

One of our Rotarians is the National Coordinator in Wales for the Scouts' "Million Hands Appeal" so as a Coordinator moves into a community to start an action group, Malcolm puts them in touch with the local scout group to start the DF sessions.  With the help of a DF Champion, I have also just completed delivering the DF session to the Guide leaders and they are planning to roll this out to the Guides.

I have also spoken to the incoming DG in North Wales and they have also started supporting this initiative.

I was invited to give a presentation at the District Conference and as a result received an invite to speak at the District meeting of Inner Wheel. So far I have given one presentation to an Inner Wheel Club with four more booked.  This is probably the first time in Wales where the two DGs and Inner Wheel are supporting the same project.

As you will imagine, my time is becoming limited in the run up to becoming DG so I have appointed two DFC Ambassadors and looking for a third to cover West Wales, who will take over from me and give presentations to the remainder of our Clubs.  Several Rotarians are already Dementia Champions but following two meetings with the Director of the Alzheimer's Society in Wales, they have agreed to run a one day training especially for Rotarians who want to become Champions and be qualified to deliver the DF sessions to other Rotarians.

My aim is that all Rotarians in District 1150 will be DFs by the end of my year in office.

So far so good!!

Kind regards

Maggie Hughes

Rotary Club of Fareham - Wheelhouse Welcome

fareham-wheelhouse (23K)

Following their success in 2014, during the summer months, the Rotary Club of Fareham will once again be hosting its Wheelhouse Welcome events.  These events give dementia sufferers and their carers the chance of a day out by the side side and are intended to supplement the already sterling work being carried out in this area within the community.

These events were introduced by President John Rowlinson, who brought together a team of Rotarians to provide these fun days out, following an address by REPoD chairman Geri Parlby.

For further information, please phone Norman Chapman on 01489 877378 or email him.

Rotary Club of Wadebridgr - Significant Achievement Award

Rotary International has awarded the Rotary Club of Wadebridge a Significant Achievement Award for their work with Dementia Support Groups.  Read more...

The Rotary Club of Princes Risborough & Interact National Award.

The Club sponsors an enthusiastic group of Interactors who operate a Memory Café on the first Wednesday and Thursday mornings of every month when the youngsters have 'free periods' from their studies.

On Thursday 30 April, when both teachers and parents have given their formal permission for the Interactors to miss a couple of lessons during that morning.  The RIBI President, Peter King escorted by our District Governor, Tim Cowling are visiting a special set-up edition of the Memory Café so that Peter can present a national trophy for the Best Interact Project of the Year.

Please watch this inspirational video on YouTube.

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NHS Dental Fines Scandal

An NHS automated system has been incorrectly fining people with dementia.  Read the full article here on the BBC News website.

Barnstaple Link Rotary Club

The club is launching a new project to help people with dementia which will complement the activities of Barnstaple's Memory Café.  Read more...

MHA launch Joyce's Music Video

MHA have launched Joyce's music video on YouTube showing the power of music therapy in helping people with dementia.

Dementia Friendly Communities

Various bodies, both government and others are promoting the setting up of dementia friendly communities.  To see what's involved and how you can be part of it, go to our dementia friendly communities page.  You can also read this PDF document (1.5MB)

Service Above Self

It is with much pleasure that we announce that the Chair of REPoD, Dr. Geri Parlby, has been awarded the 'Rotary International Service above Self Award' for her outstanding contributions to the REPoD effort over the 6 years since its inception.  We feel that all who know her will feel that this award was well deserved.

Hands across the water

The REPoD message is spreading and not just within the UK.  Read this email extract from a couple in Washington DC.

Dementia Adventure

Looking for a break / holiday for someone you care for or yourself - then take a look at this web site.

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